Q- “I thought you weren’t allowed log burners anymore”?

A- That information is incorrect. Firefly is a HETAS registered company that follows all ECO regulations and supply’s the correct ECO approved appliances to your home. Once the Installation is complete you will be issued a HETAS certificate to support correct installation and validity to current regulations

Q-“ I don’t have a chimney breast am I still able to have a log burner”?

A- Yes, Here at firefly we love a challenge! With all our experience and training we supply and fit twin wall systems and are experienced in building fabricated fireplaces.

Q-“my house is three storeys are you still able to install using ladders”?

A- All customers will be provided with a free quotation and with our new in-house scaffolding there’s no chimney we can’t reach!

Q-“How long does it take to complete the job from start to finish?”

A- we will confirm this when the quote is carried out but an installation usually takes a day to complete.