Chimney Sweeping

We provide all your chimney sweeping services from blockages to your 6/12 monthly routine sweeps.

Here at firefly we not only are able to sweep all types of multi-fuel systems but along with the knowledge and skills, we have the latest approved and upto date sweeping systems that are recommended for your type of fire.

Unsure on how often you need to have your chimney swept? We can advise on good safe burning practices and fuel types that will enable you to gain the most efficiency from your fire

We have it all, from traditional brush and vac systems to cutting-edge rotatory sweeping equipment. We also use the most currently heapa vacuums to ensure 99.9% of all dust is collected and filtrated leaving your home clean from soot and dust.

Each chimney sweep provided includes a safety inspection. This is carried out prior to the sweep free of charge to ensure your chimney sweep will provide efficiency.

If we find a fault with your fire system prior to the sweep our technician will be able to discuss your options moving forward to ensure that the issues are resolved quickly and safely.

We also cover;

  • Removal of blockages
  • Carbon monoxide safety
  • Camara inspections and pressure smoke draw tests
  • Hanging pot and cowls, bird guards, anti down draft systems
  • Supply and fitting of all fireplace accessories including fire brick, rope and glass.

Please see our chimney stack tab for heavy external works. Tough access? No issue with our new In-house scaffolding system!